gwantec Impairment Workplace

For a credit officer "gwantec Impairment Workplace" is the interface to communicate with the SAP Impairment solution of the SAP Bank Analyzer. The employee is offered a modern interface (web based or classic SAP GUI) that he can use to view, edit, sign, and release all data relating to an impairment case. The web-based interface gives you the opportunity to use the software in a location- and device-independent manner (in compliance with the company's IT, security and secrecy guidelines).

Basic Impairment Workplace engRecording cash flows and other externally available information for different scenarios of an impairment case is the basic functionality in our concept for the Impairment Workplace. As a next step, the workplace calculates in a simulation run the impairment key figures risk provision, full or partial depreciation and unwinding as they are to be posted by the Bank Analyzer. If the user accepts the simulated numbers and thus their impact on the accounting of the impairment case, he might release the data. After approval by antoher authorized user (4-eyes-principle), the data is written to the Bank Analyzer and taken into account in the scenario Accounting for Financial Instruments during the next processing.

gwantec Impairment Workplace will only  use SAP delivered web services (same applies if SAP GUI is used as frontend technology) for communication with impairment processes. For data enrichment e.g. from Bank Analyzers SDL for business partner rating, further web services or even other technologies, e.g. BAPIs can be used.