Impairment Processing in Bank Analyzer

The Bank Analyzer in the scenario Accounting for Financial Instruments (AFI) offers the automated calculation and posting of the values ​​for risk provisioning, (partial) depreciation and unwinding with the SAP component impairment processes. In doing so, source data, attributes, and results are persisted in the Bank Analyzer and are therefore also available for reporting in addition to accounting.

The solution has a flexible structure and can therefore be used for various accounting standards, including IFRS 9. Business logic, for example to derive the impairment attributes or the calculation approaches to be applied, is implemented using the modul editor tool and is therefore easy and intuitive to adjust.

Impairment ProcessesThe processes of this SAP component work largely event driven. For example, changes in the delinquency band or customer default events can be delivered with operational events to the Bank Analyzer. From these operational events, but also from analytical events such as a change from performing to non-performing, application events are derived, to which the bank analyzer can react in accounting.

The central element of the component is the impairment server. It serves requests of impairment processes and AFI accounting for the results of the calculation of risk provisioning, partial or full depreciation and unwinding. For this, either the calculation approaches delivered by SAP or customer-implemented models (implemented with ABAP - BAdI technology) can be used.

Cash flow based calculation approaches read the cash flows from the Bank Analyzers Result Data Layer. The SAP provided web service can be used for the delivery. The expected cash flows are then recorded by the credit analyst / service center via a front-end. gwantec offers you a completely designed solution, the gwantec Impairment Workplace.